Exterior and Interior Painting Services

We offer custom residential painting services that help your house scream the loudest fun and elegance. Whether you are willing to add a modern curb appeal or update your home’s traditional interior or exterior - our team’s residential painting approaches are filled with an eye for detail. With detailed and industry-driven knowledge, we offer seamless and exceptional residential painting services. You can rely on us as hiring the best in the business of painting.


Commercial Painting Services

Our crew of painters is adept at ins and outs of commercial painting and keeps an eye on industry trends to offer the best commercial painting services with an actionable plan ready to be implemented. Luis Mesa Painting offers a surplus of professionals who paints the commercial spaces up to a level of unbelievable excellence.

About Us


Luis Mesa Painting upholds a mission to capture your dreams and turn them into reality by adding strokes to the beautiful canvas of your space. We help people enjoy their dwelling and commercial sectors with painting services that mirror their personal touch, interest, and lifestyle. Our skilled and well-versed crew of painting knows what difference a flawless paint job can make in any space - thus they are dedicated to advocating the high standards of craftsmanship in every job - whether residential or commercial painting or wood sanding or refinishing services.

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Qualities That Sets Us Apart

The succeeding qualities make us the number one choice of the customers.


We bet, you will see nothing but a finely painted space and beautifully furnished surfaces. Our painting crew leaves no mess behind.

Timely Execution

We earn a massive reputation based on our on-time reach. Our team shows up at your doorstep at the scheduled time and leaves your space painted in the allocated time.

Budget-friendly Services

We stay on your decided estimate. No hidden or surprise fees. Our affordable pricing makes your pocket secured.

Customer-centric Approach

We carry out our services only with the “YES” of customers. We couple customers’ preferences and choices with our sheer knowledge and come up with an actionable plan that best suits their desires.

Done and Dusted Projects


The services we offer at our company are residential and commercial painting along with wood floor sanding and refinishing. Whether you need to update the interior or repaint the exterior of your home or commercial building, our experienced painting contractors know how to transform your space with a fresh coat of paint.


News & Updates

April 21, 2021

How Can We Store Paint for Reusing?

Over time dings and small chips start to pop up on the walls and other stained surfaces. You will be lucky enough if you have some leftover paint from the already-done projects to repaint the affected surfaces. But, not always the stored paint can put off the strain of buying the new bucket from your shoulder. If the paint is stored inappropriately, you will have no other choice than to throw it away and buy the new one. However, with the below-mentioned hacks, you are good to preserve the integrity of your painting. Read on to discover how.
April 21, 2021

Tips to Remain Operational When Your Office Space Is Getting Painted

One can't deny the importance of giving the commercial space a fresh coat of paint. As customers who are the backbone of the business' sustainability notices every bit of detail of your outlook. However, when you are renovating your business space, a question whirls around our mind: how to continue doing day-to-day operations? Does painting mean a disruption to routine chores? Not necessarily. We have brought some useful tips and tricks to give you insights about how to remain functional while your space is revitalizing.
April 21, 2021

Prioritizing your room for Painting Is Must

Painting a house is amongst the greatest ventures. It demands an extravagant amount of jobs done before you actually start painting the walls or doors. This blog sheds light on prioritizing the rooms before painting to avoid any undesirable outcome - after all, you won't want the space to give you hard times both before and after the painting job is done.